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In this adventurous episode, Mattie and special guest Quinn Rose discuss queer representation in the live-play Dungeons & Dragons series Dimension 20. Don’t worry if y...

Panic Profiteers

It needs to stop.Support the ShowTrack Anti-LGBTQ Legislation 

Homo for the Holidays

As the year ends, Alex and Mattie watch Hallmark’s FIRST movie featuring a gay couple: THE HOLIDAY SITTER.

None of Us Were Surprised

Alex and Mattie discuss the shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs. This is a rough one, but we wanted to talk about it.

Hyatt Hotel Hot Tub

Mattie shares his experiences with his second wedding in a suit and his first time in a hot tub with another man. 😜

Technically Queer: Transhumanism Moral Panic

Hey para-pals, Alex here! I hate feed drops, but I'm a hypocrite and doing one anyway. I think you might like a new podcast I'm doing with some other trans friends...


Join Quinn and Mattie as they discuss the sweetest gay show currently on tv- Heartstopper.

Big Ol' Gay Store

It’s that time of year again- Pride Month! Join Alex and Mattie as they revisit rainbow capitalism and how it has evolved since last year.

Schitt's Creek- A Queer Utopia

Released from behind the pay wall! Join Alex, Mattie, and Quinn as they discuss Schitt's Creek. Happy Pride Month!

Bi Erasure and Representation (Re-Release)

Join editor Quinn Rose and Mattie as they discuss the controversies around bi representation and erasure in the media up until 2020.

The Most Midwest

Enjoy a trip with Alex and Matt to the most midwest of places- the Wisconsin Dells. Join us as we discuss navigating a water park resort while openly trans.

Don’t Think of the Children

Alex talks to special guest and friend of the show Sydney Anderson about the anti-trans legislation across the United States.

Love The Soap, I'm a Clean Boy

Walk the halls of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital with Alex and Mattie as they discuss the progression of trans character story-lines in the show Greys Anatomy.

The Pec Dance

Join Alex and Mattie as they discuss what it's like for Mattie's chest two years post top surgery.

A Lawnmower For Your Face

Why is body hair perceived as “masculine”? How can we change that narrative in society?

Same Shit Different Day

Hello! Welcome to 2022 and a new episode of Two Headed Girl. Join Mattie as he discusses a new trajectory for the show. Then, catch up with him on his gender journey.

Hickeys for the Holidays

Join Mattie as he discusses how to be a good ally this holiday season. Get some gender affirming gift ideas! Along with some tips on how to help the queer people in yo...

My Cats Call Me "Mom"

Mattie answers your newest questions about gender! What pronouns should you use if someone uses she/they? Did you question your transition? Would you eat a whole box o...

Spoilers! Everybody’s Dead.

Alex and Mattie discuss the queer, fabulous, and gloriously gory American Horror Story: Hotel, and the star character who makes it worth watching.

Lasagna With Teeth

TRANSTOBER CONTINUES! We decided to release a pay-walled episode form a few years ago where we discuss one of our favorite horror films of all time: Jennifer's Body.

Martha Stewart of Murderers

Happy Trans-tober! In this episode Mattie and Alex discuss queer stereotypes and tropes in the 1991 movie Silence of the Lambs. 🚨SPOILERS FOR SILENCE OF THE LAMBS! 🚨


Mattie gives his hot takes on Elliot Page’s Met Gala suit, vocal training, and feeling comfortable in queer neighborhoods. Email us your scary movie suggestions (in...


Alex and Mattie flew across the world to feel completely at home.

Acceptable Nipples

In this solo episode, Mattie discusses his complicated feelings towards transmasc shirtless selfies. He shares about his own experiences with top surgery and being shi...

Rainbow Pride

Happy belated Pride! This year, the biggest companies in the world had more rainbow merchandise than ever. We thought everyone could use a break from the "discourse," ...

Bored and Mean

Mattie and Alex don't think that yelling at celebrities counts as trans liberation.

My Chest is Going to Slide Off

Mattie shares what it's like one year after his top surgery, what continues to surprise him, and what Alex should do differently for their own.

Being a Human is Hard Sometimes

Alex finally talks about being their transition, internalized transphobia, and why they were able to talk about top surgery for the first time on a different podcast. ...

Happy HoliGays

Alex and Mattie wish you the Happiest Season.

We Just Want to Pee and Podcast

Alex and Mattie journey into the world of bathrooms: why cis people are so obsessed with them, how weirdly shaped they can be, and the paranoia around automatic toilets.