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My Cats Call Me "Mom"

Mattie answers your newest questions about gender! What pronouns should you use if someone uses she/they? Did you question your transition? Would you eat a whole box of donuts, or a full cake? Come for the hot queer takes.

Spoilers! Everybody’s Dead.

Alex and Mattie discuss the queer, fabulous, and gloriously gory American Horror Story: Hotel, and the star character who makes it worth watching.

Lasagna With Teeth

TRANSTOBER CONTINUES! We decided to release a pay-walled episode form a few years ago where we discuss one of our favorite horror films of all time: Jennifer's Body.

Martha Stewart of Murderers

Happy Trans-tober! In this episode Mattie and Alex discuss queer stereotypes and tropes in the 1991 movie Silence of the Lambs. 🚨SPOILERS FOR SILENCE OF THE LAMBS! 🚨


Mattie gives his hot takes on Elliot Page’s Met Gala suit, vocal training, and feeling comfortable in queer neighborhoods. Email us your scary movie suggestions (including queer characters) at twoheadedgirlfm@gmail.com or reach out on Twitter or Instagram @twoheadedgirlfm.


Alex and Mattie flew across the world to feel completely at home.

Acceptable Nipples

In this solo episode, Mattie discusses his complicated feelings towards transmasc shirtless selfies. He shares about his own experiences with top surgery and being shirtless––along with the negative effects that sharing post-op selfies on social media can perpetuate.

Rainbow Pride

Happy belated Pride! This year, the biggest companies in the world had more rainbow merchandise than ever. We thought everyone could use a break from the "discourse," but we're back to talking about how corporations are profiting off the queer community. In this episode, Alex and Mattie continue to grapple with their complicated feelings around pride capitalism.

Bored and Mean

Mattie and Alex don't think that yelling at celebrities counts as trans liberation.

My Chest is Going to Slide Off

Mattie shares what it's like one year after his top surgery, what continues to surprise him, and what Alex should do differently for their own.

Being a Human is Hard Sometimes

Alex finally talks about being their transition, internalized transphobia, and why they were able to talk about top surgery for the first time on a different podcast. We know it sounds like a weird one. It is. But we really hope you like it.

Happy HoliGays

Alex and Mattie wish you the Happiest Season.

We Just Want to Pee and Podcast

Alex and Mattie journey into the world of bathrooms: why cis people are so obsessed with them, how weirdly shaped they can be, and the paranoia around automatic toilets.

Coward Haircut

In this episode, Alex and Mattie discuss body hair and the gendered implications that go along with it. Warning that between 19:05-25:00 we discuss *ahem* "personal grooming. If you want to see some really embarrassing haircuts, head on over to our Patreon!

I Left My Tits in Michigan: Part 3

In the third episode of our titty chop series, Mattie reflects by himself, on the healing process a few months after surgery, and what the aftercare process is like. Content Warning: Mattie uses a lot of physical terminology about chests and graphic surgery healing details in this one.

I Left My Tits in Michigan: Part 2

In the second episode of our titty chop series, we discuss what post-op recovery is like the first week after surgery. Content Warning: We use a lot of physical terminology about chests in this one.

I Left My Tits in Michigan: Part 1

In the first part of our titty chop series, Alex and Mattie discuss the process of pre-paring for top surgery. No virus talk in this one! We only discuss getting rid of boobs.

Queer Quarantine

This isn't a sad episode, we promise. Also, Alex forgot it was Trans Day of Visibility! Happy TDOV!

Constant Grind: Q&A

Alex and Mattie answer listener questions!

Gender is a Young Man’s Game

Mattie starts to talk about his favorite movie, but then stuff gets a little too real with Alex and they end up talking about transness and gender politics.

Auntie J is a Blabbermouth

Mattie and Alex offer up some of their experiences with the good and the bad of being queer during the holiday season.

We're All Broken People

Mattie and Alex unpack the baggage of mental illness when you're trying to juggle coming out, transitioning, and just being super duper awkward.

They’re My Dongles

Alex and Mattie talk about chests. Or, "this is an episode about boobs but let's pretend it's a little more nuanced than that."

Dorito Body

Welcome to Two Headed Girl: a show about gender, our minds, and all kinds of transitions. Mattie and Alex try to define different types dysphoria while looking back at some of the changes from the last two years.

Liberate Neopets from Gender

Welcome to Two Headed Girl: a show about gender, our minds, and all kinds of transitions. Mattie shares his coming out experience, and Alex is kind of a jerk about it.

My Wife

Welcome to Two Headed Girl: a show about gender, our minds, and all kinds of transitions. Alex asks Mattie about what he wants out of a show, how they've messed up, and why husbands suck.

Welcome to Two Headed Girl

Welcome to Two Headed Girl, a show about gender, our minds, and identity. We're really scared to start publishing episodes. We hope you'll like our stories.